Sanctuary for the Soul

Transforming Mind, Body & Spirit

Your Mind Retreat, is a Sanctuary for the Soul based in the holy buddhist city of  Luang Prabang.  Luang Prabang is the spiritual and Buddhist city of Lao.  Recognised by UNESCO for its’ rich Buddhist history, unique french influenced architecture and natural beauty.   Can you think of a better place to  have a sanctuary for the Soul.   Your Mind Retreat offers personalized retreats for the Mind, Body & Spirit.   Your Mind Retreat is about working with you, providing you with the services or learning you need to enhance your life.   Our aim is very simple, we want you to leave feeling better than when you arrived.

My personalized private retreats are customized for you, you can work specifically on either your mind, body or spirit or combine all of the streams into one unique program.  You can have a one and half  hour sessions, a quick immersion, enough time to enjoy and feel rejuvenated.  A one or half day for those of us who are short of time, but want to experience it all.    Non-resenditial retreats of 3 – 5 days, for those who are seeking to develop or explore completely a new aspect of personal development.   For those you want it all and have the time,  I can do a complete customization for you.  No limits on the program, other than your needs, time and wallet.

Mind – Meditation & Mindfulness Techniques. making it simple for you to learn how to meditate or to deepen your meditation Practice.  In 3 days I can teach you to meditate for 20 minutes by yourself.  In 5 days, you will master meditation techniques.  In Lao, I am on the only female, foreigner and non-ordained individual granted recognised  by Buddhist High Council as a Meditation Master.    We can practice meditation techniques from the Buddhist (Vipassana), Hindu (Chakras) and New Age, Essential Oils and Crystals Traditions.

Body we have Yoga and Pilates or a mix.   I teach you how to work with the breath to create harmony with your body movement.    The sessions are designed to ensure that you are posture perfect and if you have any particular areas of weakness or strength we can work on a program specific to your needs.  Your fitness level and age is not an issue.  I have successfully coached beginners through to National Division 1 level in different sports.     We have a unique program of Mindfulness and Movement which incorporates both yoga and mindfulness program

For the Spirit you can combine Energetic Healing and Spiritual Pathways.  The energetic healing is based on Rieki with influences from the Hindu and Balinese Healing practices.  Spiritual Pathways is following a long line of family tradition, where I work with your guides and teach you to get in contact with your intuition and higher self. In my life coaching and healing practices I use Charkas, Crystals and Essential Oils to open, enhance & heal your energetic self Once we have worked together in person, I offer insights with tarot and channelling over Skype.   

Residential Retreats  are offered at carefully selected partners where we share a common bond, life should be easy for you while you are here.

This is my life now.  After playing and coaching sports at a high level, working at a senior corporate level and being an international corporate coach, I now focus on personal growth.  Helping you get the most out of your life.  Beyond what we know lies a wealth of knowledge.  Each step, each learning opens another door to another opportunity.  There is no rush to open each door, it is there for us when we are ready.   I am only too willing to be there to support you when you open the door.