Your Mind Retreat


Come Meditate in Luang Prabang, Lao. The perfect place to practise or learn meditation. Give yourself that much needed peace and clarity of mind. Allow yourself to enjoy being completely relaxed in an environment which accepts welcomes and supports you. Meditation is a time for you to put aside the demands of the everyday, to get in touch with the inner you, released from burdens.
To still the conscious mind is no easy matter. A trained practitioner working with you to facilitate the creation of stillness in your mind gives you the freedom to relax and rest into the experience.
What could be more relaxing than meditating in the Buddhist city of Monks, Luang Prabang, Loa. Resting between the Mekong and Nam Kang River it is lost in time. Come practise meditation or Nang Sam-nan-thii (Lao for Meditation) in a perfect place for a mind retreat.
At Your Mind Retreat every detail has been carefully considered to create the perfect meditation experience. Be surrounded by excellent service, beautiful serenity and famous Lao gentleness. Let your mind be still, your body cared for and your soul rejuvenated.


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