Yoga – Personalised Non – Residential Retreats

Yoga and Movement

Yoga is a wonderful way to enhance the bodies vitality, connecting with yourself not just on a physical awareness, but also the spiritual connection of the body, is a healthy addition to any busy life style.   If you would like to replace the yoga sessions with pilates or a gym session for a more of a body  work out, then this can be catered for.   I have many 25 years experience as a fitness, sports and yoga instructor.

We can mix and match sessions or be pure in the form of development that we take.   We can work with a light but comprehensive all body experience or we can really push the work out.    If you have a specific area of the body you want to focus on that is great, let me know in advance and I will work up a program for you.

For those looking for a specific set of exercises to build strength, recover from injury or enhance suppleness, we specialize in building customer exercise programs which you can take home with you.

We are happy to create individual packages with combinations of activities, this is what a Personalised Retreat is all about.


Yoga takes place in the garden Sala, surrounded by local temples, Your Mind Retreat is located in the UNESCO old town.   A map can be found in the “next steps” page.

I can deliver one,  three OR 5 day retreats. for individual and small groups. 

The timing for all of the sessions is flexible to allow you to see & enjoy Luang Prabang. 

In the Morning

7.00 – 8.30 am: (which is after Tak Bat. (morning alms.) ) Is the first  session.   Please do not have breakfast or if you do have some fruit. Preferably a banana.

8.30 am Breakfast for you, I can recommend a location for you to go and have a delicious breakfast.

11 am – 12.30 pm  Session 2

Followed by lunch and a break. You may be given development activities to undertake during the break. The break is for reflection, mindfulness activities or concentration exercises.

In the Afternoon

5.00 pm  or8.00 pm. Final Session.
* I may give you some exercises to undertake in your own time.
You can mix the sessions with meditation or spiritual development.

Please wear loose comfortable clothing. 

Prices start at 40 USD for a one hour session, 65 for two sessions a day and 95 for three sessions a day. All prices are based on days and number of participants.  One Day is 95 USD per person, 170 for 2  and 3 days is 250 USD per person, 425 USD for two. Prices are based on days and number of participants.  Additional days are possible please request a quote.

This is a private retreat, personally developed and customized for you and what you would like to achieve or experience.This is a private retreat, personally developed and customized for you and what you would like to achieve or experience.

 Please email with the proposed dates and numbers.  All enquiries welcome.