Yoga and Pilates are great exercise programs for keeping the body in shape.  Once you have learnt some movements you can do the exercises almost anywhere.    Low impact exercises that pack a lot of punch for keeping yourself in shape.   As well as being great exercise programs which can help build and strengthen the body, they also work with the breath.   The breath is the basis of every meditation and mindfulness technique as well as fundamental to mastering the movement of the body.

Yoga is seen as a more gentle set of movements and can engage the body in strength building, using a combination of movement and then holding the position.     Pilates is seen as stamina building and can be used to strengthen the body.  The beauty of both of these activities is that you can work out with these exercises regardless of your starting point of fitness.   Both of the disciplines are about how much you want to push yourself.   Add in a mix of fitness and workout programs specifically designed to strengthen specific muscle groups and you have a great way to stay in shape.

I have developed programs which can be either Pilates, Yoga or a mix of different disciplines.   Again it depends completely on what you would like to achieve, each class is tailored for your needs and I personally coach your through the fitness routines, correcting posture, adding degrees of difficulty or ease depending on your needs.    Need a total body work out or just need to work one area of the body for strength then let me know.

You can have a one hour program of yoga, pilates or movement.   Just to work out a new routine, master a particular move or correct posture.

Looking to master a new routine or learn a new series of different movements and exercises to push your current level of fitness, then consider having a one day program.

Looking to boost your fitness and start a new regime.   If you are seeking to transform your current lifestyle or body then choose a 3 day personalized non – residential retreat.