Soul Healing – Life Coaching

To connect with our spiritual side, our guides and to be energetically clean and aware is now upper most in our minds for freeing ourselves from old damaging patterns and old belief structures that have been imposed.   We understand the need to cleanse the spiritual, physical and energetic body to ensure that we can truly be free.

Soul Healing is a journey, through our core beliefs, our self limiting beliefs and damaging personal habits which are underscored by our lack of belief and love for ourselves.    If you would like to start the journey, which will change the way you see yourself, how you interact with the world around you and the essence of who you are.   Then come and let’s work together.

Let me be your guide to the gateway of healing and expansion that waits for you.     Let’s tap into the wisdom of your guides and angels, the ability to transform yourself through energetic healing of the soul.    Using Tarot, Personal Coaching, Affirmations and Mantras to release, affirm and heal.

One,  Three & Five Day Life Coaching program which will allow you to change the way you see yourself.

Prices are based on days and number of participants.  One Day is 90 USD per person, 3 days is 225 USD per person, 375 USD for two.  For additional days, add 75 USD per person.  375 USD for 5 Days, 600 for two people.  This is a private retreat, personally developed and customized for you and what you would like to achieve or experience.