Pilates – Non Residential Retreats

Stretching after a work out in my garden

Looking to keep yourself fit or wanting to set yourself up for a fitness program for when you return home. Either way, you are welcome to come work out with me for a private training session. We can work every day or we can have intensive days of work out. How often we work out and when is up to you. I have all the equipment. We can just work with your body or we can use some of the pilates equipment I have to get that little extra something from your body.

We work out in my garden sala, set in a lovely garden, surrounded by temples, in the old part of Luang Prabang. The sala is set above the ground and has both fans and lights to ensure we can enjoy the workout.

I love pilates and I usually like to work with both pilates and yoga. Pilates for body and core strength and yoga for that extra strength. If you want to combine the two, we can work with Power Vinyasa which is a specific group of exercises which combines the best of both worlds. Stretch and strength.

Prices start at 40 USD for a one hour session, 65 for two sessions a day and 95 for three sessions a day. Prices are based on days and number of participants.   3 days is 260 USD per person, 425 USD for two. Prices are based on days and number of participants.  Additional days are possible please request a quote. you would like to have more days, then just let me know your schedule for the time here in Luang Prabang and we can come up with a specific program to suit your needs, both time wise and of course for any physical restraints.

If you want to combine pilates with yoga or meditation / mindfulness, we can easily substitute a session or sessions at the same price.