Meet Michelle

I have studied and practiced Meditation and Energetic Healing with many world-renowned practitioners for over 20 years, including 4 years with The Mother, a renowned international Meditation and Healing guru from India.  I have travelled the world, learning, practicing and developing integrated techniques for the Mind, Body and Soul.    I personally practice, meditation, movement and spirituality.

My previous career as a sports and professional coach at a globally recognised level has given me great insight into how to transfer knowledge into understanding and application.    My techniques and skills are focussed in making sure that the personal growth occurs and you achieve your personal goals.  My work is to empower you to be able to undertake your own development.

In meditation the disciplines I have studied and practiced include: Kundalini, Vipassana, New Age, Mindfulness and Osho meditation.   The mind is powerful, harnessing and being aware of the impact of the mind is a key skill, which all of us, can master.  All of us are capable of growth and transformation.

I have  studied and qualified in Reiki and BodyTalk healing systems, plus studying Hindu and Balinese traditional Energy Healing.   The Energy Healing work comes naturally to me.   Working with your own body’s capacity to heal and expand allows for the development process we begin in the session to continue after the session has finished.   I am currently exploring Lao Buddhist practices and am the only female, foreigner and non-ordained individual with permission from the Lao Buddhist Council to teach meditation in the monasteries of Lao.

With  yoga and pilates I love the synchronicity of movement and breath.  As a qualified sports coach and successful sports person and coach, I  understand motivation and both the pleasure and pain of exercise.  I love combining movement with mindfulness, where the act of movement is a harmony of breath and muscle.    My role is to  assist the individual to achieve their personal goals.

My other passion and inherited from the family line is working with spirit.  From a young age, she has been fascinated with and aware of the spirit which lives within and around all of us.    Studying with alternative therapists, Buddhist Monks and different spirit workers, my fascination and own spiritual practice took a major turn just before I moved to South East Asia to live.  In South East Asia, where spiritualism is alive and well, my interest and gifts took full flight.  For those who are interest to explore their own spiritual side, I am happy to teach you all that I know.

Now I am working with the Monasteries and Buddhist Abbots in Lao and am the only female, foreigner and non-ordained individual with permission from the Lao Buddhist Council to teach meditation in the temples and Monasteries of Lao.