Healing and Expanding your Spirit.

Healing is the art of using your inherent energetic centres and pathways to start the process of self healing.   Using the inherited skills of my family and learning from healing masters,  I have mastered the ability to manifest and build my energy to engage with your natural healing abilities your mind, body and spirit.    You are an energetic being and our mind and spirit can manifest both enhancing and limiting beliefs, behaviors and perspectives.

Your mind, body and spirit know what needs to be done to heal, it just needs help to allow it to commence and complete the process.    I provide the energetic inputs, the spiritual connections and the insights to enable this process to happen.

With energetic healing, the process starts with us working together, but the mind, body & spirit needs time to complete the work we have started so you need rest between sessions.  I suggest you come and see me for an hour and then we can plan based on the feedback I receive from your spirt what we need to undertake to start or complete the healing process.   This is just the start and we will need to complete the process we begin, if it is to replace negative patterning with positive patterning or behaviours.

If you want to learn how to stimulate the self healing process and learn how to develop your energetic healing capabilities, this can be done.   I am happy to teach you how to master your energetic healing capacity and how to use this to transform your life.

If you have begun to explore you own energetic mastery, then perhaps we have a one day non-residential retreat to develop or perfect certain techniques.  If this is something you are interested in and have never tried before, then a 3 day non-residential retreat is the way to go.