Spiritual Pathways

Spiritual Pathways – Transforming the Spirit

Spirituality, the awakening of the soul to the concept that their is more to life.   Where we no longer think of us as an life as a single existence and that their is an energy that binds and enfolds us and that this energy transcends the body.    It is the realm of the intuitive and the sensory.    To be fully able to explore the energetic plateaus that surround us, we need to be able to connect with our energetic, intuitive and sensory self.

Spiritual Pathways is just that, it is the exploration of yourself, not as a stand alone individual, but part of a vast network of energy.  An energetic soul, that can sense the energy of others, reach beyond what lies directly in the line of sight and sound and expand our senses and minds to engage with the energies that surround us.

In this work, I use a combination of elements.  Crystals, Chakras, Essential Oils, Mantras and Affirmations.    The elements I use depend on you.   Different people respond to different elements and it is essential that we match your energy signature with a healing and expansion tool that works for you.

I teach you to connect, to discern the connections around and to make decisions and judgements which enable you to work with your higher energetic self and the energies that serve to support you.

If you want to leave knowing that you have the connections to your enhancing energies around you and are protected from other engaging energies which may not be so benevolent then please work with me for 3 days.    For this we work on cleansing, protecting and actively working with spirit.

The 3 day program is 250 USD, and involves a minimum of 6 sessions with me and additional practice sessions which you undertake on your own.

While you are with me, you will be protected, energetically cleaned and most importantly, taught how to work safely with the energies around you.