Meditation & Yoga Programs


Mind, Body & Spirit Options

Each program comes complete with full sensory stimulus, mindfulness activities interwoven with breathe and meditation techniques.

  • Introduction to Meditation: A beginners program to help the individual develop their own meditation program.
  • Chakra Activation: Activation of all 7 chakras, one at a time, then in groups, then in combination.
  • Mindfulness: A sensory awakening which works with sound, aroma, touch and movement.
  • Breathe Mastery: Working extensively on the breath to create a relaxed state and learning to breathe with the body.   This program combines yoga, mindfulness and meditation to create a harmonious blending of movement and breathe
  • Expanded Self Awareness : Extensive work on expanding the heart energy of the body.  Developing the skill to manifest energy and intention at will.   Expanded heart program works opening up the body, with yoga movement activities and the mind with meditation
  • Soul Connection: Focusing on the space between conscious awareness of who we are and the place where we do not exist in the conscious state of awareness.   This takes us into the realm of intuition and higher self.
  • MindScape: Learning the ability to reprogram our mind and thoughts to allow us to live more in a state of the beauty.  This program looks at the reframing old patterns, habits, self talk and mindset that works against us.

These programs are non residential retreats and can be run as a one day or three day program, if you are a beginner, our suggestion is the three day program.

If you would like to focus on a particular intent or aspect of your life, I can develop and cater a program for you.  Please feel free to nominate the program you would like.