Energy Balancing and Healing

quantum energy healing 2Energy healing  the conscious art of working with our inherent life force to allow the body and mind to heal itself.   The practitioner, by channelling energy from her life centre, life force and spirit directs energy to stimulate your life force and spirit.

In my practise I bring together, Reiki, Prana & Dharma.   Working with the same principles of chakras, meridians and auras.    Drawing on the insights of our spirits and guides, I utilize crystals, mantras and essential oils to release, heal and expand.

Energy Healing Sessions are for one hour.  You relax and I work quietly on balancing the energy of your mind and body.  You can direct me towards your area of concern or you can ly down and I will allow your bodies energy to direct me towards both the problem and the healing.

The healing process involves working with your spirit guides and any messages which are received from your guides, I provide relay to you.  These additional messages, will let us know what other work you need to undertake.   We can then work together to address any unresolved or underlying issues.

Healing can be for stress, physical injury, pain relief and anxiety.

The first assessment sessions is 45 USD, follow up sessions are  35 USD and are for individuals only.

If you want to meet with me in person to discuss your treatment, this is charged as a consultation and is 25 USD for the session.

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