Group Bookings

Transforming Mind, Body & Soul

Group Sessions can be for one hour, one day or a three day non- residential retreat.   As  a guide I have supplied the cost for the one hour sessions for Mind and Body sessions.   Please allow a little time before and after the session.  The total time is 90 minutes.    Please wear loose clothing, all the cushions and mats provided.  The session can be held at any time, but please give me at least one weeks notice.  If I am unavailable I offer alternative dates or times.

The following pricing scale applies:

4 – 7 people is 25 USD per head.

8 – 12 people is 20 USD per head

12 or more people will require a separate venue, this can be arranged.

If you have any questions then please contact me 

Transport to the venue is included. Please include your  hotel or guest house so that we can make pick-up.   We are flexible with pick up.  Drop off can be arranged.

As the venue is right in the middle of the old town, I suggest you take the opportunity for some exploring. If you require information about where to eat and where to visit, I can supply this information.

To Find Your Mind Retreat

To be redirected to a map with our location please click map.    Look for the beautiful blue and white gate, you can not miss it.