Meditation and Yoga Residential Retreats

Meditation and Yoga Retreats


5 full day retreats of meditation or yoga is now available in Luang Prabang, Laos.  Your Mind Retreat in conjunction with Hillside Lodge is offering a series of rejuvenating retreats for the mind, body and soul.   Each retreat starts early in the morning of the second day and finishes late at night on the fourth day.  You depart on the morning of the 5th day.

The both the meditation and yoga retreats incorporate healthy eating, diverse health activities, such as traditional lao massage and sauna.   There is a pool, plenty of open spaces for meandering in the natural forest.  Nearby waterfalls make for a perfect reflection space and we incorporate elements of the traditional religious beliefs of Lao, both Buddhism and Animism (the worship of the spirits of nature.)


A full program for the Yoga and the Meditation Retreats can be downloaded here.

We require a minimum of 4 pax  registered and paid at least 4 weeks before the commencement date for the retreat to be confirmed.   Once the Retreat is confirmed you will be informed by email and an announcement will be placed on the websites.  (Your Mind Retreat and Hillside Lodge.)

Dates for the Lao Yoga Retreats are: 

February 2018, 7th – 11th

August 2018   2nd – 6th

November 2018,  18th -22nd

Dates for the Lao Meditation Retreats are:

January  2018, 11th – 18th

July 2018 , 18th – 22nd

October 2018  22nd – 26th

Hillside Lodge:  30 Minutes from Luang Prabang. Beautifully set in picture perfect natural settings.

For more details and bookings : Hillside Lodge

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For all enquiries: Your Mind Retreat