Mindfulness & Movement

Mindfulness & Movement, Meditation & Yoga

Meditation and yoga can take many forms and in this very specific 2 hour session we go back to the foundation of body and breathe.   combine the movement of yoga with the mindfulness of meditation.  Bringing the two together in a very specific union of a series of yoga practices, moving into guided meditation and mindfulness activities,   We move seamlessly through yoga movements and meditative practices.

The practises leave you with a heightened sense of awareness of the relationship between the breathe, mind and movement.   It is a  heightened sense of awareness of the body, how it is responding to the movement, the breathe and the relationship of all three.  It is an integrative movement which aims at a heightened harmony and a spiritual soulful relationship of the body, mind and spirit.

It is a work out of the mind, body and spirit in a harmonious union.

The session is for private individuals or small groups as the facilitator must make sure that the individuals are all performing each carefully choreographed movement with the correct posture, breathe and intent.  There are periods of fluid movement, absolute stillness, total focus of the mind and an intent to create total harmony.

Allow at least 2 hours, wear comfortable clothing, don’t eat too much before hand and allow for learning, execution and reflection.  You will meditate and invigorate through intent, focus and fluid movement.

The cost is 50 USD per person, enquiries via the contact us page  I will confirm with you via email your proposed dates.  Payment is via Paypal or on the day, details will be supplied after the booking is confirmed.