Non Residential Personalised Retreats – Meditation & / or Mindfulness

Mind Retreats – Meditation & Mindfulness

Meditation and Mindfulness has been practised by mankind, in every culture and religions belief since we could understand and perceive a life beyond the basic essentials of existence.  The diversity of meditation uses, practises both practical and spiritual is extensive.   Using the knowledge passed to me from some of the best healers and meditation masters from around the globe, I have developed an intensive teaching technique. Specifically designed to take you to the next level of your meditation development regardless if you are a beginner or an experienced practitioner.

My 20 year meditation practise includes many forms of techniques, from the traditional to the modern.    I take you on a comprehensive, guided tour of your own mindscape

We are in the Spiritual and Buddhist Centre for Lao, so Vipassana – silent meditation is an option for all.  I teach Vipassana Meditation using the same techniques as the Buddhist Monastery Masters.    The Buddhist Council of Lao has accredited me with Master Teacher Status.

In Buddhist and Hindu meditation and wellness practice, Chakras play an important role in centreing the spirit within the body.  We can use these energy centers to explore, though meditation,  our body energetically and release elements of unease in the mind.




Your Mind Retreat is located in the UNESCO old town. Meditation takes place in the garden Sala, surrounded by local temples and traditional buildings.   A map can be found in the “next steps” page.

You can experience one, three or five day retreats. for individual and small groups. 

The timing for all of the sessions is flexible to allow you to see enjoy and experience Luang Prabang. 

Program Overview

In the Morning

7.00 – 8.30 am: (which is after Tak Bat. (morning alms.) ) Is the first  session.   Please do not have breakfast or if you do have some fruit. Preferably a banana.

8.30 am Breakfast for you, I can recommend a location for you to go and have a delicious breakfast.

11 am – 12.30 pm  Session 2

Followed by lunch and a break. You may be given development activities to undertake during the break. The break is for reflection, mindfulness activities or concentration exercises.

In the Afternoon

I will give you a daily exercise on mindfulness, trust or relaxation.  This is you complete on your own time. 

Beyond what we know lies a world of understanding and wisdom.

5.00 pm  or 8.00 pm. Final Session.

*Timing is really flexible, and if we can adjust the times and days of the sessions to suit your travel plans.  You are after all here on holidays.

Please wear loose comfortable clothing. 

You will all leave with having had an enhancing and great learning


Prices are based on days and number of participants.  One Day is 90 USD per person, 3 days is 225 USD per person, 375 USD for two.  For additional days, add 75 USD per person.  375 USD for 5 Days, 600 for two people.  This is a private retreat, personally developed and customized for you and what you would like to achieve or experience.

 Please email with the proposed dates and numbers.  All enquiries welcome.